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Meeting Date

posted Apr 6, 2012, 5:26 PM by Michael Wells
Hello Team Rocky Mountain members
We had a good meeting on March 31st.
Our next meeting is schedule for April 20th 4pm a the Crazy Merchant again.
We had five people at the last meeting looking for more.
I think we have 10 people who are going to the games and looking for more.
A couple things to report.
We have a fundraising page set up under the Chris Klug Foundation at crowdrise web site here is the link to the page
Go to the page and set up individual fund raising pages add a picture or two.
Those who are not going we are hoping that you can help with fundraising activities for the team.
If you know of any organization who may want to donate please feel free to give them my contact info.
We decided to to be eligible to receive funding you will need to raise 300.00 dollars as an individual.
We do have some fingers in the pie for funds but nothing solid yet.
We also are working with the TakeJake.org group but we don't have a fundraising page set up with them yet.
On our web site Justin has put up a slide show so please check it out here is the link.
I am sure I have forgotten things I wish to say. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Here is the link to the games web site.
I did sign us up for a  basketball team and a volleyball team so consider signing for those two teams.

Michael Wells